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Die auserwählten – im labyrinth

Die AuserwГ¤hlten ВЂ“ Im Labyrinth

Die AuserwГ¤hlten ВЂ“ Im Labyrinth

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More generally, labyrinth might be applied to any extremely complicated maze-like structure. Herodotus , in Book II of his Histories , describes as a "labyrinth" a building complex in Egypt, "near the place called the City of Crocodiles ," that he considered to surpass the pyramids :.

It has twelve covered courts — six in a row facing north, six south — the gates of the one range exactly fronting the gates of the other.

Inside, the building is of two storeys and contains three thousand rooms, of which half are underground, and the other half directly above them.

I was taken through the rooms in the upper storey, so what I shall say of them is from my own observation, but the underground ones I can speak of only from report, because the Egyptians in charge refused to let me see them, as they contain the tombs of the kings who built the labyrinth, and also the tombs of the sacred crocodiles.

The upper rooms, on the contrary, I did actually see, and it is hard to believe that they are the work of men; the baffling and intricate passages from room to room and from court to court were an endless wonder to me, as we passed from a courtyard into rooms, from rooms into galleries, from galleries into more rooms and thence into yet more courtyards.

The roof of every chamber, courtyard, and gallery is, like the walls, of stone. The walls are covered with carved figures, and each court is exquisitely built of white marble and surrounded by a colonnade.

In , the Harpers Dictionary of Classical Antiquities described the structure as "the largest of all the temples of Egypt, the so-called Labyrinth, of which, however, only the foundation stones have been preserved.

Pliny the Elder 's Natural History According to Pliny, the tomb of the great Etruscan general Lars Porsena contained an underground maze.

Pliny's description of the exposed portion of the tomb is intractable; Pliny, it seems clear, had not observed this structure himself, but is quoting the historian and Roman antiquarian Varro.

A design essentially identical to the 7-course "classical" pattern appeared in Native American culture, the Tohono O'odham people labyrinth which features I'itoi , the "Man in the Maze.

The earliest appearances cannot be dated securely; the oldest is commonly dated to the 17th century.

A prehistoric petroglyph on a riverbank in Goa shows a maze-like pattern and has been dated to circa BC. Early labyrinths in India typically follow the Classical pattern or a local variant of it; some have been described as plans of forts or cities.

Labyrinths appear in Indian manuscripts and Tantric texts from the 17th century onward. They are often called " Chakravyuha " in reference to an impregnable battle formation described in the ancient Mahabharata epic.

By the White Sea , notably on the Solovetsky Islands , there have been preserved more than 30 stone labyrinths.

The most remarkable monument is the Stone labyrinths of Bolshoi Zayatsky Island - a group of 13—14 stone labyrinths on 0.

These labyrinths are thought to be 2,—3, years old. The 7-course "Classical" or "Cretan" pattern known from Cretan coins ca — BC appears in several examples from antiquity, some perhaps as early as the late Stone Age or early Bronze Age.

An image of the Minotaur or an allusion to the legend of the Minotaur appears at the center of many of these mosaic labyrinths.

The four-axis medieval patterns may have developed from the Roman model, but are more varied in how the four quadrants of the design are traced out.

The Minotaur or other danger is retained in the center of several medieval examples. The Chartres pattern named for its appearance in Chartres Cathedral is the most common medieval design; it appears in manuscripts as early as the 9th century.

Earliest securely dated labyrinth, incised on a clay tablet from Pylos , ca BC. Labyrinth among rock drawings in Valcamonica , Italy , probably 1st millennium BC.

Roman mosaic picturing Theseus and the Minotaur. Rhaetia , Switzerland. The Chartres pattern as executed in Chartres Cathedral early s.

Sketch of the Chartres pattern by Villard de Honnecourt c. Chartres pattern as a wall maze in Lucca Cathedral, Italy 12th—13th century.

Chartres pattern in octagonal form, Cathedral of Amiens , France. Illustration of Jericho in a Farhi Bible 14th century.

Portrait of a man with labyrinth design on his chest, by Bartolomeo Veneto , Italy, early 16th century.

Illustration of a labyrinth from La Nouvelle Maison rustique Labyrinth at St. Lambertus, Mingolsheim , Germany, following the Roman paradigm.

Hemet Maze Stone, a prehistoric petroglyph near Hemet, California. Chakravyuha , a threefold seed pattern with a spiral at the center, one of the troop formations employed at the battle of Kurukshetra , as recounted in the Mahabharata.

When the early humanist Benzo d'Alessandria visited Verona before , he noted the " Laberinthum which is now called the Arena "; [37] perhaps he was seeing the cubiculi beneath the arena's missing floor.

The full flowering of the medieval labyrinth came about from the twelfth through fourteenth centuries with the grand pavement labyrinths of the gothic cathedrals , notably Chartres , Reims and Amiens in northern France.

These labyrinths may have originated as symbolic allusion to the Holy City ; and some modern thinkers have theorized that prayers and devotions may have accompanied the perambulation of their intricate paths.

Over the same general period, some or more non-ecclesiastical labyrinths were constructed in Scandinavia. These labyrinths, generally in coastal areas, are marked out with stones, most often in the simple 7- or course classical forms.

They often have names which translate as " Troy Town. There are also stone labyrinths on the Isles of Scilly , although none is known to date from before the nineteenth century.

There are examples of labyrinths in many disparate cultures. The symbol has appeared in various forms and media petroglyphs , classic-form, medieval-form, pavement, turf, and basketry at some time throughout most parts of the world, from Native North and South America to Australia , Java , India , and Nepal.

In recent years, there has been a resurgence of interest in labyrinths and a revival in labyrinth building, of both unicursal and multicursal patterns.

The Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges was entranced with the idea of the labyrinth, and used it extensively in his short stories such as "The House of Asterion" in The Aleph.

His use of it has inspired other authors e. Danielewski's House of Leaves. Additionally, Roger Zelazny 's fantasy series, The Chronicles of Amber , features a labyrinth, called "the Pattern," which grants those who walk it the power to move between parallel worlds.

The avant-garde multi-screen film, In the Labyrinth , presents a search for meaning in a symbolic modern labyrinth.

Australian author Sara Douglass incorporated some labyrinthine ideas in her series The Troy Game , in which the Labyrinth on Crete is one of several in the ancient world, created with the cities as a source of magical power.

A magical labyrinth, based on the original myth, appears in the third episode of The Librarians "And The Horns of a Dilemma".

The labyrinth is also treated in contemporary fine arts. Mark Wallinger has created a set of enamel plaques of unicursal labyrinth designs, one for every tube station in the London Underground , to mark the th anniversary of the Underground.

The plaques were installed over a month period in and , and each is numbered according to its position in the route taken by the contestants in the Guinness World Record Tube Challenge.

Labyrinths and mazes have been embraced by the video game industry, and countless video games include such a feature.

Prehistoric labyrinths may have served as traps for malevolent spirits or as paths for ritual dances. In this they may be preserving its original meaning: the ultimate ancestor, here evoked by two continuous lines joining its twelve primary joints.

One can think of labyrinths as symbolic of pilgrimage ; people can walk the path, ascending toward salvation or enlightenment.

Author Ben Radford conducted an investigation into some of the claims of spiritual and healing effects of labyrinths, reporting on his findings in his book Mysterious New Mexico.

Many labyrinths have been constructed recently in churches, hospitals, and parks. These are often used for contemplation; walking among the turnings, one loses track of direction and of the outside world, and thus quiets the mind.

The Labyrinth Society [48] provides a locator for modern labyrinths all over the world. In addition, the labyrinth can serve as a metaphor for situations that are difficult to be extricated from, as an image that suggests getting lost in a subterranean dungeon-like world.

Octavio Paz titled his book on Mexican identity The Labyrinth of Solitude , describing the Mexican condition as orphaned and lost.

Labyrinths have on various occasions been used in Christian tradition as a part of worship. The earliest known example is from a fourth-century pavement at the Basilica of St Reparatus, at Orleansville, Algeria, with the words "Sancta Eclesia" [ sic ] at the center, though it is unclear how it might have been used in worship.

In medieval times, labyrinths began to appear on church walls and floors around AD. The most famous medieval labyrinth, with great influence on later practice, was created in Chartres Cathedral.

The use of labyrinths has recently been revived in some contexts of Christian worship. Many churches in Europe and North America have constructed permanent, typically unicursal, labyrinths, or employ temporary ones e.

For example, a labyrinth was set up on the floor of St Paul's Cathedral for a week in March From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

For other uses, see Labyrinth disambiguation. Turf maze at Wing in Rutland , UK. Play media.

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Die AuserwГ¤hlten ВЂ“ Im Labyrinth Video

Die AuserwГ¤hlten ВЂ“ Im Labyrinth -

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Die AuserwГ¤hlten ВЂ“ Im Labyrinth -

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