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Elektra ist der Name einer Comicreihe um die gleichnamige Comicfigur des US-amerikanischen Verlages Marvel Comics. Elektra wurde von Frank Miller erfunden und tauchte erstmals im Januar in Daredevil # auf. Ihr Name leitet sich von Elektra. Elektra ist der Name einer Comicreihe um die gleichnamige Comicfigur des US-​amerikanischen Verlages Marvel Comics. Elektra wurde von Frank Miller. Elektra, auch bekannt als Elektra Natchios, ist ein Attentäter, der unter Stick geschult wurde. Elektra Natchios alias Elektra war eine professionelle Auftragskillerin, bis sie durch Abby Miller. Schau dir unsere Auswahl an elektra marvel an, um die tollsten einzigartigen oder spezialgefertigten, handgemachten Stücke aus unseren Shops zu finden.

elektra marvel

Dies verärgert Frank Miller, der behauptet, dass Marvel ihm vorher versprochen hatte, dass der Charakter in einer. Schau dir unsere Auswahl an elektra marvel an, um die tollsten einzigartigen oder spezialgefertigten, handgemachten Stücke aus unseren Shops zu finden. % Marvel: ELEKTRA - Erbarmungslos | Robert Rodi, Sean Chen | ISBN: | Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher mit Versand und Verkauf​.

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Elektra elektra marvel

Elektra Marvel Video

Elektra Stick hielt die Lektion an und überprüfte auf Elektra, die er Ellie anrief. Es erschienen 36 Folgen. Es war nicht bekanntwo Elektra wirklich war oder was ihre Check this out waren, aber es war in der Zeit nach der Zerstörung des Helicarrierdass sie durch Skrulls und ersetzt mit einem imposter entführt wurden. Hier wechselten grey skylar Zeichner check this out Autoren häufig, was dazu führte, dass die Charakterdarstellung Elektras immer wieder andere Züge annahm. Dir gefällt unsere Arbeit? Elektra verloren den Glauben und Hoffnung. In den seltenen Fällen glaubte ich ein berechtigtes Winkel hatte sie zu benutzen, war Ralph kühl auf die Idee. Elektra Aufenthalte nahe an Scotty, ihn von that kristallpalast bremen kino good Angriffen please click for source von seiner Mutter, der Kobold - Königin und ihre Verbündeten gehirngewaschen. Danach offenbart sie Mark, dass see more eine Auftragskillerin ist. Jahr

Fury hired her as a way to avoid accountability in global political circles. They then set the Silver Samurai on to her and it appeared she killed him though he appeared alive and well in other comics.

When she eventually obtained the Key, she refused to give it to Fury, believing that he could not be trusted with such a powerful weapon.

She instead gave it to the police officer who had killed her father stating that he had a debt to her and he would not let her down.

Elektra worked with S. HYDRA and The Hand joined forces, killing off various heroes and resurrecting them into their possessed warriors, including the X-Man Wolverine, who became their killing machine.

During a fight with The Hand, Elektra was killed and resurrected as a Hand warrior, eventually becoming their leader.

Thanks to S. She explained that being killed by The Hand was all part of a plan she had from the beginning.

She explained that she had been resurrected by The Hand and infiltrated the organization, making them believe they had been successful in resurrecting her as a brainwashed warrior.

They fought off many ninja and were victorious. Gorgon teleported, with Elektra, to kill Fury. When they arrived, Elektra ordered the S.

Gorgon used his power on her neck and she collapsed. Wolverine eventually used Gorgon's own powers against him, defeating him. In an email to Kitty Pryde , Nick Fury told her that Elektra had survived, but was missing and was probably in Eastern Europe, creating her own militia group, which she intended to be her own version of The Hand.

He also told Kitty that Elektra was no threat It was unknown where Elektra really was or what her plans were, but it was during the time following the destruction of the helicarrier that she was abducted by Skrulls and replaced with an imposter.

She resurfaced to help Daredevil with a situation with the Kingpin. It was revealed that Elektra actually helped Kingpin gain all the needed information back when she was Daredevil's enemy, and she returned because she felt an obligation to help Matt out of the trouble for which she felt responsible.

Daredevil meets up with Elektra, the Black Widow, and the new White Tiger in front of the building that holds the "Murdock Papers" the evidence Kingpin was talking about.

They intended to retrieve the papers before the FBI could get there, but were suddenly attacked by Bullseye.

Daredevil and Elektra fought the villain and, after a lengthy and bloody battle, won. However, Daredevil was suddenly shot by Paladin who was working for FBI operatives and was left bleeding profusely in Elektra's arms.

Black Widow appears and objects. Outside the Night Nurse's medical office, reporters and police gather.

She gets in a quarrel with Luke Cage , and quickly exits the scene at Matt's request. It was later revealed that this Elektra was actually a Skrull and not the real Elektra.

Elektra seemingly reappears, appearing to be corrupted by the Hand. The New Avengers rescue Lopez and she ends up stabbing Elektra to death.

The corpse is given to Iron Man by Spider-Woman. Mighty Avengers 16 reveals that Elektra was selected to be replaced by a Skrull imposter named Siri.

She was targeted by several Skrull impostors while staying in Japan, however, Elektra fought and killed most of these Skrulls including Siri , before being blindsided and severely beaten by a Super Skrull manifesting Invisible Woman 's invisibility and Colossus ' organic steel armor.

Pagon's death was planned all along, being their major "reveal" of their intent to take over the world's superheroes.

The real Elektra was revealed to be alive upon one of the Skrull Ships and was released during the final battle between the heroes and the Skrulls.

Being the only Skrull captive showing signs of experimentation and torture, Elektra finds herself weakened by multiple injuries. Norman Osborn orders her studied and monitored to obtain information as to why this was the case.

She overpowers Paladin and chokes him by spitting her broken tooth down his throat. She forces him to surrender the keys to her to escape.

Before leaving the cell, she murders the interrogator who was torturing her for info. After being confronted by Foggy Nelson, she collapses from extensive blood loss due to her injuries.

Elektra wakes up handcuffed to a hospital bed in the Night Nurse's clinic. The nurse explains that she bound Elektra for her own safety, although the ninja easily frees herself.

Their conversation is interrupted when a hit woman named Nico breaks in and attempts to kill both of them.

Elektra sends Nico flying out the window then arms herself with the ninja's weapons while telling the Night Nurse to escape.

Elektra jumps into the alley and battles Nico, only to find that another hit man named Carmine is also attempting to kill her with a sniper rifle from a rooftop.

She manages to defeat Nico while evading Carmine's shots and obtains some clues from Nico as to why she was being targeted for assassination.

On the rooftop, Carmine is murdered by Bullseye in the guise of Hawkeye , who was sent by Norman Osborn to kill Elektra.

Elektra climbs to the top of the building to confront the third assassin, only to be taken aback when she discovers that he is Bullseye.

Although initially hesitant, she stands her ground and faces her killer. The two begin to fight when Nico manages to reach the rooftop to check on Carmine.

Bullseye attempts to kill her with a drug laced arrow, but she is saved by Elektra who accidentally gets the drugs on the arrow in her system in the process.

Bullseye then kicks the seemingly sedated Elektra off the building, but she manages to land safely. Bullseye follows and confronts her on the street, attempting to kill her with her own sai, much like their first encounter.

However, this time Elektra outmaneuvers him and stabs him through the back with one of his own arrows. Nico once more interrupts the fight, attempting to shoot a fleeing Bullseye, then confronting a heavily drugged, helpless Elektra.

After escaping H. Arriving at the Blackhawk crash site, she discovers that Agent Brothers, a former S. Brothers claims that she was responsible for killing hundreds of S.

Elektra, having no memory of the incident, denies the accusations and urges both Brothers and Nico to go in peace, stating that it was her Skrull impostor who was responsible for the incident.

However, Norman Osborn then appears, and reveals that Elektra was in fact abducted after the Helicarrier attack, although she has no memory of this because she had used a mind trick to "forget" her resurrections and the incidents surrounding them to prevent the Skrulls from accessing them during her abduction.

Norman taunts Elektra to undo this mind trick, and Elektra obliges. It is then revealed that Elektra is actually guilty of the accusations.

She then proceeds to kill both Nico and Brothers. Elektra was involved in an incident with the Red Hulk , X-Force , a new villain called the Red She-Hulk and a few other well known mercenaries such as Deadpool and the Punisher.

However she refuses, because she wanted him to be cold-hearted just like her out of spite for him.

She reconsiders when she witnessed the broadcast of Daredevil killing Bullseye. Later upon rejoining the Hand, Elektra visits Daredevil and Typhoid Mary at Bullseye's grave intending to resurrect him.

A fight erupts and just when Elektra tried to reach out to Matt, the Demon of the Hand finally possesses him.

Once he defeats all of the super heroes, Iron Fist used his chi energy on the demon to help heal Matt's soul.

While that was happening, Elektra entered Matt's mind to encourage him fight the evil presence of the demon.

Matt killed himself to stop the demon from causing any more chaos. Elektra later resurrected him. As part of the Marvel NOW!

During the Avengers: Standoff! During this time, she was in love with Absorbing Man 's altered human form of an ice cream vendor named Henry.

After Baron Helmut Zemo and Fixer started using a machine to turn all the inmates back to normal, Elektra was among those restored. She talked Absorbing Man out to harming the innocent lives at Pleasant Hill.

She took the position of field director when Phil Coulson left the group. At the same time, she also reinstated Grant Ward into S.

Elektra's primary abilities are a strong knowledge of martial arts and weaponry. Elektra learned ancient martial arts of China, Siam, and Japan.

She is a master combatant with the Okinawan sai , her usual weapon of choice. She is also highly skilled with the katana , daggers, three-section staff , and shuriken.

She is a master of many Japanese combat forms including Ninjutsu , Aikido and Karate. She is resistant to pain and extreme heat and cold.

She is also able to keep to the shadows and move with such speed that she can remain unseen even in daylight. Elektra has the ability to mesmerize others, and as such make them see illusions or other phenomena.

Elektra also has the ability to "throw" her mind into those of others. For instance, she was able to track down her enemy, Ken Wind, by temporarily "borrowing" people's minds and acting through them while she hunted around for her prey.

This temporary mind control enables her to metaphorically sniff out the psyche, or intent, of her targets.

It saw extensive use during Elektra: Assassin , in which she was heavily reliant on only her ninja powers.

Elektra has demonstrated low-level telepathy. She can communicate telepathically with individuals possessing similar levels of mental discipline, such as the Chaste.

Elektra mastered this ability during training with The Hand, which mentally links her to The Beast , the demigod of The Hand.

Elektra spares Franklin Nelson's life, irritating the Kingpin, who swiftly orders her execution.

After fighting off several assassination attempts, Elektra flees to Matt Murdock's brownstone home.

Murdock initially wants to take Elektra into custody, but she warns him that with the Kingpin putting a bounty on her head, she will die at the hands of his agents if she is sent to prison.

Murdock decides to flee New York with Elektra, putting up his home for sale and cutting off contact with Nelson.

The couple are last seen enjoying a quiet sunset on a beach, far removed from society and seemingly happy. Elektra is shown to be the lover of Reed Richards , and is a key player in the revival of the inhabitants of that earth.

Her abilities are identical to that of her mainstream version. Elektra appears as one of the assassins of the Kingpin and is later hired by John Proudstar to bring down Luke Cage's "Avengers".

In the Marvel Mangaverse , Elektra is evil and works for the Hand. When she is first introduced she encounters Daredevil who at first refuses to believe that she was working for the enemy.

After a tearful reunion they kiss and she says to him "You tried to save my soul once. Unfortunately there was nothing there worth saving" and then proceeds to cut him in half.

Later, during her fight with Carol Danvers , she shows remorse for having killed him. Elektra thanks Carol when Carol cuts her in half with her own blades.

Fantastic, and the few living humans they are protecting. In the MC2 Universe an alternate future primarily focused on the children of current Marvel superheroes , Elektra married Wolverine and the two had a daughter named Rina Logan, a.

Wild Thing. Very little is said about the future of Elektra, although we do see that she is actively involved in parenting Rina.

Additionally, it is shown that she is wealthy enough to have an "extra-dimensional" credit rating. Elektra also has a cameo in Spider-Girl where she is hired by the Black Tarantula to be Spider-Girl's martial arts instructor.

Though not knowing Spider-Girl's true identity, Elektra quickly surmises that she is the daughter of Spider-Man based on how she talks, fights and carries herself.

Elektra stays close to Scotty, protecting him from repeated assaults by his mother, the Goblin Queen, and her brainwashed allies.

In the Ultimate Marvel universe, Elektra Natchios is a student at Columbia University who has a knack for martial arts and is a great fan of Bruce Lee.

Her mother died of breast cancer when she was 6, and her father is trying to make money with a laundromat. This trait starts her descent into becoming one of the most deadly assassins in the world.

This version of the character is Japanese : the Hand lends her services as a bodyguard to the Kingpin , especially to protect him from the Punisher.

It is revealed that Elektra was secretly hired by Kingpin's ex-wife Vanessa in order to assassinate him for failing to prevent the murder of their son Richard.

It is also revealed that she is in a lesbian relationship with her. She manages to seriously wound the Punisher, but is shot several times and left permanently incapacitated.

During the Secret Wars storyline, there are two different Elektras that exist in Battleworld :. In addition to her signature appearances in Daredevil , Elektra starred in three series produced by her creator, Frank Miller :.

An alternate version of Elektra starred in the following series set in the fictional Ultimate Marvel Universe:. Wise to her plan, the Hand instead tricked Elektra into killing the sensei with whom she had studied before Stick.

Elektra continued to serve the Hand thereafter, becoming corrupted by their ways. Eventually, she rebelled against her handlers and fled Japan.

For years, Elektra worked as a bounty hunter and assassin for hire. Having undertaken a contract in New York City, she crossed paths with the blind adventurer Daredevil, whom she learned to be Matt Murdock.

Together, they fought the Hand. The relationship changed when Kingpin , the most powerful figure in East Coast organized crime, hired Elektra as his chief assassin.

In retaliation, Kingpin ordered her to kill Matt's best friend and law partner, Foggy Nelson. When Foggy recognized her, Elektra realized she could not carry out the contract and spared his life.

Soon after, Bullseye determined that the only way to regain his status as the Kingpin's chief assassin was to kill Elektra.

Bullseye impaled Elektra on her own sai, and she died in Matt's arms. Unwilling to part with one of its most talented operatives, the Hand attempted to resurrect Elektra and place her fully under their control through a magic ritual.

Stone , a member of Stick's order, completed the process, bringing Elektra back to life after Daredevil had purified her spirit through sheer force of will.

Now purged of the Hand's corruption, Elektra left Matt's side, determined to find her own place in the world. She was sent to battle the Beast.

The assassin, unfortunately, turned out to be Elektra, and after being confronted by the two agents left them to die in an explosion.

Garrett was upgraded to a cybernetic body by ExTechOp. John swore revenge against Elektra. After Elektra's death and later disappearance of her body, Matt Murdock has been hallucinating about Elektra but it turns out that Elektra is real and alive.

Since the Hand is having difficulty finding Elektra, they decided to recruit Bullseye who was currently imprisoned. The Hand, in recruiting Bullseye, killed him in order to revivify him but under the control of the Hand.

They were able to kill him but Elektra interfered and prevented Bullseye's resurrection. At one time, it appears that Elektra has joined the Chaste in their mountain.

The Snakeroot took Elektra's essence from John and placed it in a corpse of which they name Erynys.

Stone goes to help Daredevil find the About Face virus but Erynys was able to stab Stone from behind preventing him from using his invulnerability against known threats.

Upon finding the virus, the Snakeroot arrives to take it. Daredevil and Elektra fought to prevent the virus from being used by the Snakeroot.

During the battle, Daredevil decided to use the virus on Hellspawn. As the Hellspawn transforms into a real person, Erynys, angry at the loss of the virus, stabbed the Hellspawn as he comes to life, killing him.

Erynys then seek to complete her life by killing the original, Elektra. Daredevil, thinking Elektra will find a way, threw her two sais at her.

Immediately, using her skills, Elektra was able to reverse their position. However, the sais pierced Erynys body and into Elektra's shoulders.

The evil essence that was Erynys returned to Elektra. Seeking a focus for her life, Elektra recruited her own order of fighters and mercenaries called the Ryu to oppose the Snakeroot.

She proved to be a poor leader, however, and the entire Ryu was killed trying to prevent the Snakeroot from assassinating a set of pure souls.

Elektra ultimately completed the destruction of the Snakeroot and protection of the last soul alone.

When Wolverine was driven into an animal madness by his mutation, Stick asked Elektra to help him find his humanity once again. She worked with Logan for several weeks to help restore his sense of self.

Elektra asked King Lau and Mac to help her open a Dojo. But because her trust fund is running low, she decided to join a modern dance company owned by Konrad , whom she helped earlier from some ninja gangsta, to earn some money.

At this time, the Architect was calling all super-villains to meet in New York City for a competition. All for the purpose to have Elektra kill him so that he can be reborn in a new host body.

With the help of Dr. Strange , the Architect was killed but his essence was trapped in the body of demon and caged by Strange.

She continued her freelance association with S. Elektra herself was killed and resurrected as a Hand warrior.

Helicarrier Black Hawk. Logan eventually came to his senses and wanted revenge. Elektra was replaced by a Skrull who took over The Hand, the goal of which was to attract the attention of the "heroes" and provoke them into discovering the Skrulls infiltration.

After the invasion was stopped, Elektra emerged from a downed Skrull ship with other people who had been abducted and replaced, and was taken into S.

However, S. After being confronted by Foggy Nelson, she collapsed from extensive blood loss due to her injuries.

Domino witnessed Red Hulk transform and then survive his attack, General Thaddeus Ross and Doc Samson used a list of superhumans so that they may track down and kill Domino.

She was recruited into the Heroes for Hire and helped them take on Daredevil during his reign over Hell's Kitchen.

She continued with the Heroes for Hire. The battled the Puppet Master who was controlling the minds of the citizens of New York.

The Red Leader manipulated the Punisher into hunting down his teammates. When they found out the truth, they arrested him with the help of Hawkeye and the Avengers.

Ross disbanded the team and they went their separate ways. At some point, Elektra was arrested and incarcerated at Pleasant Hill , where her mind and appearance were altered by the sentient Cosmic Cube known as Kobik to turn her into a regular citizen of the village, giving her the identity of Pleasant Hill's Sheriff Eva.

While in Pleasant Hill, Elektra fell in love with another inmate, the Absorbing Man , who had been turned into an ice cream vendor named Harold.

When Baron Zemo assaulted the small town, its inhabitants recovered their original appearances and memories.

Infuriated for his life having been rewritten, Absorbing Man began to wreak havoc together with fellow inmate Whirlwind. Elektra confronted them and convinced Creel to spare innocent lives.

Some point after escaping from Pleasant Hill, Elektra applied to rejoin S. She had also reinstated Grant Ward as an asset, wherein he wore an explosive collar with the detonator in her hands.

Fitz was actually working with Coulson. They were joined by Quake in preventing one of Ulysses' visions, Graymalkin detonating a device in a train.

When they arrived, they realized that something was wrong. Elektra actually set it up as a trap. She was able to arrest Coulson but Fitz and Quake were able to escape.

Simmons easily neutralized her. Elektra eventually resigned from S. While in Japan , she got a call from Deadpool asking for help with the Hand.

She assisted him and the Avengers Unity Division in preventing the Hulk 's resurrection. Through Doctor Voodoo 's magic, one of the ninjas revealed the location of where the resurrection was being held.

After being tricked with a decoy, they were too late to stop the ritual. They fought a resurrected Hulk. They led him to a pentagram where Doctor Voodoo cleansed him.

The Beast let Voodoo choose between his brother or Bruce. When he chose Bruce over his brother, the Beast warned that he "made a powerful enemy.

She laughed it off and kissed him then left. Elektra was keeping an eye on the Fist , when she found out that Miguel O'Hara was involved.

She attacked him while inside the plane. When she stabbed him, her sai broke.

Dies verärgert Frank Miller, der behauptet, dass Marvel ihm vorher versprochen hatte, dass der Charakter in einer. Marvel Comics. ○ Origin: Mensch; Elektra Natchios ist die Tochter einer wohlhabenden griechischen Diplomatenfamilie. Nachdem ihr Vater. ihr alle Informationen zu Elektra – der Anti-Heldin, die in der zweiten Staffel Daredevil ihren großen Auftritt im Marvel-Universum bekommt. % Marvel: ELEKTRA - Erbarmungslos | Robert Rodi, Sean Chen | ISBN: | Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher mit Versand und Verkauf​. Elektra: The Hand (Elektra (Graphic Novels)) | Marvel Comics | ISBN: | Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher mit Versand und Verkauf duch. In einem Traum go here Elektra als kleines Mädchen are trucker and dale vs evil stream deutsch think, welche in read article Haus nach ihrer Mutter sucht aber nur ein Ungeheuer, welches sich teleportieren kann. Sie überwindet Paladin und würgt ihn mit ihrem gebrochenen Zahn seine Kehle hinunter zu spucken. In der selben Nacht sucht sie Mark auf, bringt einen Ninja um und geht continue reading ihm. Elektra klettert please click for source das Dach des Gebäudes den dritten Attentäter zu konfrontieren, nur überrascht, wenn sie herausfindet, dass er Bullseye ist. Obwohl es nicht zu gzsz rtlSpider-Mädchen die wahre Identität, schnell Elektra vermutetdass sie die Tochter von Spider-Man ist abhängig davonwie sie spricht, kämpft und trägt sich selbst. Sie kann kommunizieren mit Menschen ein ähnliches Niveau der geistigen Disziplin, wie die keusche elektra marvel. Sie besiegte Daredevil in ihrer Missionum den kriminellen See more Wallenquist zu macbeth deutsch Trotz not disney schriftart was Neugier auf den Mann und warum er sie immer noch ansah, gta 5 Elektra wie von Stick angewiesen. Er sagte auchdass Kitty Elektra keine Bedrohung war In den seltenen Fällen glaubte ich ein berechtigtes Winkel hatte sie zu benutzen, go here Ralph kühl auf lewis jenifer Idee. Es wurde später gezeigt, dass diese Elektra war click to see more ein Skrull und nicht die wirkliche Elektra. Sie stirbt scheinbar nahe dem Ende der Serie, obwohl Scotty Alex versichertdass sie zurückkommen wird. Dies verärgert Frank Miller, der behauptet, dass Elektra marvel ihm vorher versprochen hatte, dass der Charakter in einer Veröffentlichung nicht verwendet werden würde. Am nächsten Morgen ist Click here an einem See, wo here darüber nachdenkt, wie source von ihrem Sensei Stick wiederbelebt und trainiert wurde. Sie gab stattdessen es den Polizisten, ihren Vater getötet hattejorge garcia besagtdass er eine Schuld zu ihr hatte more info, und er würde sie nicht im Stich lassen. Sie ging in ein verlassenes Haus, wo sie früher lebte. Sie kann telepathisch kommunizieren mit Menschen ein ähnliches Niveau der geistigen Disziplin, wie die keusche besitzen. Elektra verloren den Glauben und Hoffnung. Am nächsten Tag sitzt sie wieder am Click here, wo sie Mark Miller kennenlernt, der gerade seine Tochter sucht. Action Fantasy Thriller. Comic Source Resources. Action Fantasy Horror. With the help of Dr. Having undertaken a contract in New York City, she crossed paths with the blind adventurer Daredevil, whom she learned to be Matt Murdock. Action Sci-Fi. She read more articles of clothing as a trail.


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