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tom and jerry deutsch

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Chuck Jones then produced another 34 shorts with Sib Tower 12 Productions between and A musical adaptation of the series, titled Tom and Jerry: Purr-Chance to Dream , debuted in Japan in in advance of Tom and Jerry ' s 80th anniversary.

The series features comic fights between an iconic pair of adversaries, a house cat Tom and a mouse Jerry. The plots of each short usually center on Tom and Jerry's numerous attempts to have the best of each other and the mayhem and destruction that follows.

Despite Tom's clever strategies whether they work or not , determined and energetic mindset, large size, and exceptional overall intelligence, he rarely succeeds in getting the best of Jerry, mainly because of Jerry's cunning abilities, luck, and his lack of tendencies in being a bit too reckless.

However, on several occasions, they have displayed genuine friendship and concern for each other's well-being.

At other times, the pair set aside their rivalry in order to pursue a common goal, such as when a baby escapes the watch of a negligent babysitter, causing Tom and Jerry to pursue the baby and keep it away from danger, in the shorts Busy Buddies and Tot Watchers respectively.

Despite their endless attacks on one another, they have saved each other's lives every time they were truly in danger. The cartoons are known for some of the most violent cartoon gags ever devised in theatrical animation: Tom may use axes, hammers, firearms, firecrackers, explosives, traps and poison to kill Jerry.

On the other hand, Jerry's methods of retaliation are far more violent, with frequent success, including slicing Tom in half, decapitating him, shutting his head or fingers in a window or a door, stuffing Tom's tail in a waffle iron or a mangle , kicking him into a refrigerator, getting him electrocuted, pounding him with a mace , club or mallet , letting a tree or electric pole drive him into the ground, sticking matches into his feet and lighting them, tying him to a firework and setting it off, and so on.

However, there is no blood or gore in any scene. Music plays a very important part in the shorts, emphasizing the action, filling in for traditional sound effects, and lending emotion to the scenes.

Musical director Scott Bradley created complex scores that combined elements of jazz , classical, and pop music; Bradley often reprised contemporary pop songs, as well as songs from MGM films, including The Wizard of Oz and Meet Me in St.

Louis , which both starred Judy Garland in a leading role. Generally, there is little dialogue as Tom and Jerry almost never speak; however, minor characters are not similarly limited, and the two lead characters do speak English on rare occasions.

For example, the character Mammy Two Shoes has lines in nearly every cartoon in which she appears. Most of the vocal effects used for Tom and Jerry are their high-pitched laughs and gasping screams.

Tom named "Jasper" in his debut appearance is a grey and white mute domestic shorthair cat. He is usually but not always, portrayed as living a comfortable, or even pampered life, while Jerry named "Jinx" in his debut appearance is a small, brown mute, house mouse who always lives in close proximity to Tom.

Despite being very energetic, determined and much larger, Tom is no match for Jerry's wits. Jerry also possesses surprising strength for his size, approximately the equivalent of Tom's, lifting items such as anvils with relative ease and withstanding considerable impacts.

By the final "fade-out" of each cartoon, Jerry usually gets the best of Tom. However, other results may be reached.

On rare occasions, Tom triumphs, usually when Jerry becomes the aggressor or he pushes Tom a little too far. In The Million Dollar Cat Jerry learns that Tom will lose his newly acquired wealth if he harms any animal, especially mice; he then torments Tom a little too much until he retaliates.

In Timid Tabby Tom's look-alike cousin pushes Jerry over the edge. Occasionally and usually ironically, they both lose, usually because Jerry's last trap or attack on Tom backfires on him or he overlooks something.

Afterward, the shark scares Jerry away as well. Finally, they occasionally end up being friends, although, within this set of stories, there is often a last-minute event that ruins the truce.

One cartoon that has a friendly ending is Snowbody Loves Me. Both characters display sadistic tendencies, in that they are equally likely to take pleasure in tormenting each other, although it is often in response to a triggering event.

However, when one character appears to truly be in mortal danger from an unplanned situation or due to actions by a third party, the other will develop a conscience and save him.

Occasionally, they bond over a mutual sentiment towards an unpleasant experience and their attacking each other is more play than serious attacks.

Multiple shorts show the two getting along with minimal difficulty, and they are more than capable of working together when the situation calls for it, usually against a third party who manages to torture and humiliate them both.

Sometimes this partnership is forgotten quickly when an unexpected event happens, or when one character feels that the other is no longer necessary.

This is the case in Posse Cat , when they agree that Jerry will allow himself to be caught if Tom agrees to share his reward dinner, but Tom then reneges.

Other times, however, Tom does keep his promise to Jerry and the partnerships are not quickly dissolved after the problem is solved.

Tom changes his love interest many times. He is also interested in a cat called Toots in The Zoot Cat although she has a different appearance to the original Toots.

The most frequent love interest of Tom's is Toodles Galore , who never has any dialogue in the cartoons.

Despite five shorts ending with a depiction of Tom's apparent death, his demise is never permanent; he even reads about his own death in a flashback in Jerry's Diary.

He appears to die in explosions in Mouse Trouble after which he is seen in heaven , Yankee Doodle Mouse and in Safety Second , while in The Two Mouseketeers he is guillotined offscreen.

The short Blue Cat Blues ends with both Tom and Jerry sitting on the railroad tracks with the intent of suicide while the whistle of an oncoming train is heard foreshadowing their imminent death.

Although many supporting and minor characters speak, Tom and Jerry rarely do so themselves. One exception is The Lonesome Mouse where they speak several times briefly, primarily Jerry, to contrive to get Tom back into the house.

In that short and Zoot Cat , Tom woos female cats using a deep, heavily French-accented voice in imitation of then-popular leading man, actor Charles Boyer.

Co-director William Hanna provided most of the squeaks, gasps, and other vocal effects for the pair, including the most famous sound effects from the series, Tom's leather-lunged scream created by recording Hanna's scream and eliminating the beginning and ending of the recording, leaving only the strongest part of the scream on the soundtrack and Jerry's nervous gulp.

The only other reasonably common vocalization is made by Tom when some external reference claims a certain scenario or eventuality to be impossible, which inevitably, ironically happens to thwart Tom's plans — at which point, a bedraggled and battered Tom appears and says in a haunting, echoing voice "Don't you believe it!

In the short Trap Happy , Tom hires a cat disguised as a mouse exterminator who, after several failed attempts to dispatch Jerry and suffering a lot of accidents in the process, changes profession to Cat exterminator by crossing out the "Mouse" on his title and writing "CAT", resulting in Tom spelling out the word out loud before reluctantly pointing at himself.

One short, 's Blue Cat Blues , is narrated by Jerry in voiceover voiced by Paul Frees as they try to win back their ladyfriends. Tom and Jerry: The Movie is the first and so far only installment of the series where the famous cat-and-mouse duo regularly speaks.

In his attempts to catch Jerry, Tom often has to deal with Spike known as "Killer" and "Butch" in some shorts , an angry, vicious but easily duped bulldog who tries to attack Tom for bothering him or his son Tyke while trying to get Jerry.

Originally, Spike was unnamed and mute aside from howls and biting noises as well as attacking indiscriminately, not caring whether it was Tom or Jerry though usually attacking Tom.

In later cartoons, Spike spoke often, using a voice and expressions performed by Billy Bletcher and later Daws Butler modeled after comedian Jimmy Durante.

Spike's coat has altered throughout the years between grey and creamy tan. The addition of Spike's son Tyke in the late s led to both a slight softening of Spike's character and a short-lived spin-off theatrical series Spike and Tyke.

Most cartoons with Spike in them conform to a theme: usually, Spike is trying to accomplish something such as building a dog house or sleeping when Tom and Jerry's antics stop him doing it.

Spike then presumably due to prejudice singles out Tom as the culprit, and threatens him that if it ever happens again, he will do "something horrible" to him effectively forcing Tom to take the blame while Jerry overhears; afterward, Jerry usually does anything he can to interrupt whatever Spike is doing while Tom barely manages to stop him usually getting injured in the process.

Usually, Jerry does eventually wreck whatever Spike is doing in spectacular fashion and leaves Tom to take the blame, forcing him to flee from Spike and inevitably lose usually because Tom is usually framed by Jerry and that Spike just doesn't like Tom.

Off-screen, Spike does something to Tom and finally, Tom is generally shown injured or in a bad situation while Jerry smugly cuddles up to Spike unscathed.

Tom sometimes gets irritated with Spike an example is in That's My Pup! At least once, however, Tom does something that benefits Spike, who promises not to interfere ever again; causing Jerry to frantically leave the house and run into the distance in Hic-cup Pup.

Spike is well known for his famous " Listen pussycat! Tyke is described as a cute, sweet-looking, happy and lovable puppy. He is Spike's son; but unlike Spike, Tyke does not speak and only communicates mostly towards his father by barking, yapping, wagging his tail, whimpering and growling.

Spike would always go out of his way to care and comfort his son and make sure that he is safe from Tom. Tyke loves his father and Spike loves his son and they get along like friends, although most of time they would be taking a nap or Spike would teach Tyke the main facts of life of being a dog.

Like Spike, Tyke's appearance has altered throughout the years, from grey with white paws to creamy tan.

Butch is a black, cigar-smoking alley cat who also wants to eat Jerry. He is Tom's most frequent adversary.

However, for most of the shorts he appears in, he is usually seen rivaling Tom over Toodles. Butch was also Tom's chum as in some cartoons, where Butch is leader of Tom's alley cat buddies, who are mostly Lightning , Topsy , and Meathead.

Butch talks more often than Tom or Jerry in most shorts. Butch and Toodles were originally introduced in Hugh Harman 's short The Alley Cat , but were integrated into Tom and Jerry rather than continuing in their own series.

Nibbles is a small grey mouse who often appears in shorts as Jerry's nephew. He is a carefree individual who very rarely understands the danger of the situation, simply following instructions the best he can both to Jerry's command and his own innocent understanding of the situation.

This can lead to such results as "getting the cheese" by simply asking Tom to pick it up for him, rather than following Jerry's example of outmaneuvering and sneaking around Tom.

Many times Nibbles is an ally of Jerry in fights against Tom, including being the second Mouseketeer. He is given speaking roles in all his appearances as a Mouseketeer, often with a high-pitched French tone.

However, during a short in which he rescued Robin Hood, his voice was instead more masculine, gruff, and cockney accented.

Mammy Two Shoes is a heavy-set, middle-aged black woman who often has to deal with the mayhem generated by the lead characters.

Voiced by character actress Lillian Randolph , she is often seen as the owner of Tom. Her face was only shown once, very briefly, in Saturday Evening Puss.

Mammy's appearances have often been edited out, dubbed, or re-animated as a slim white woman in later television showings, since her character is a mammy archetype now often regarded as racist.

Mayer wished to boost the animation department by encouraging the artists to develop some new cartoon characters, following the lack of success with its earlier cartoon series based on the Captain and the Kids comic strip.

Barbera then teamed with fellow Ising unit animator and director William Hanna and pitched new ideas, among them was the concept of two "equal characters who were always in conflict with each other".

The pair discussed their ideas with producer Fred Quimby , then the head of the short film department who, despite a lack of interest in it, gave them the green-light to produce one cartoon short.

Leonard Maltin described it as "very new and special [ The composer of the series, Scott Bradley , made it difficult for the musicians to perform his score which often involved the twelve-tone technique developed by Arnold Schoenberg.

Hanna and Barbera made minor adjustments to Tom and Jerry's appearance so they would "age gracefully". Hanna and Barbera produced cartoons for MGM, thirteen of which were nominated for an Academy Award for Best Short Subject and seven went on to win, breaking the winning streak held by Walt Disney's studio in the category.

Tom and Jerry won more Academy Awards than any other character-based theatrical animated series. The rise in television in the s caused problems for the MGM animation studio, leading to budget cuts on Tom and Jerry cartoons due to decreased revenue from theatrical screenings.

However, the studio found that re-releases of older cartoons were earning as much as new ones, resulting in the executive decision to cease production on Tom and Jerry and later the animation studio on May 15, Before , all Tom and Jerry cartoons were produced in the standard Academy ratio and format; in and , some of the output was dually produced in dual versions: one Academy-ratio negative composed for a flat widescreen 1.

From until the close of the MGM cartoon studio a year later, all Tom and Jerry cartoons were produced in CinemaScope, some even had their soundtracks recorded in Perspecta directional audio.

All of the Hanna and Barbera cartoons were shot as successive color exposure negatives in Technicolor.

Sound effects were produced by electronic music composer Tod Dockstader and Deitch. The majority of vocal effects and voices in Deitch's films were provided by Allen Swift and Deitch.

Deitch states that, being a " UPA man", he was not a fan of the Tom and Jerry cartoons, thinking they were "needlessly violent".

Background art was done in a more simplistic, angular, Art Deco -esque style. The soundtracks featured sparse and echoic electronic music , futuristic sound effects , heavy reverb , and dialogue that was mumbled rather than spoken.

Whereas Hanna-Barbera's shorts generally took place in and outside of a house, Deitch's shorts opted for more exotic locations, such as a 19th-century whaling ship, the jungles of Nairobi , an Ancient Greek acropolis, or the Wild West.

In addition, Mammy Two-Shoes was replaced as Tom's owner by a bald, overweight, short-tempered, middle-aged white man, who bore a striking resemblance to Clint Clobber.

Just like Spike the Bulldog, he is also much more brutal and violent in punishing Tom's actions as compared to previous owners, often beating and thrashing Tom repeatedly.

To avoid being linked to Communism, Deitch romanized the Czech names of his crew in the opening credits of the shorts e.

Vogel had approved of Deitch and his team's work, but MGM decided not to renew their contract after Vogel's departure.

Deitch's shorts were commercial successes. In , the Tom and Jerry series became the highest-grossing animated short film series of that time, dethroning Looney Tunes , which had held the position for 16 years; this success was repeated once more in The s entries were done in Metrocolor but returned to the standard Academy ratio and format.

After the last of the Deitch cartoons were released, Chuck Jones , who had been fired from his plus year tenure at Warner Bros.

Beginning in , Jones and Goldman went on to produce 34 more Tom and Jerry shorts , all of which carried Jones' distinctive style and a slight psychedelic influence.

Jones had trouble adapting his style to Tom and Jerry ' s brand of humor, and a number of the cartoons favored full animation, personality and style over storyline.

Coyote , a less complex look including the color of his fur becoming gray , sharper ears, longer tail and furrier cheeks resembling Jones' Claude Cat or Sylvester , while Jerry was given larger eyes and ears, a lighter brown color, and a sweeter, Porky Pig -like expression.

Coyote and the Road Runner , included the uses of blackout gags and gags involving characters falling from high places.

Jones co-directed the majority of the shorts with layout artist Maurice Noble. These shorts contain a memorable opening theme, in which Tom first replaces the MGM lion, then is trapped inside the "O" of his name.

Though Jones's shorts were generally considered an improvement over Deitch's, they nevertheless had varying degrees of critical success.

MGM ceased production of Tom and Jerry shorts in , by which time Jones had moved on to television specials and the feature film The Phantom Tollbooth.

Beginning in , the Hanna and Barbera Tom and Jerry cartoons began to appear on television in heavily edited versions.

The Jones team was required to take the cartoons featuring Mammy Two Shoes and remove her by pasting over the scenes featuring her with new scenes.

Most of the time, she was replaced with a similarly fat white Irish woman; occasionally, as in Saturday Evening Puss , a thin white teenager took her place instead, with both characters voiced by June Foray.

However, recent telecasts on Cartoon Network and Boomerang retain Mammy with new voiceover work performed by Thea Vidale to remove the stereotypical black jargon featured on the original cartoon soundtracks.

The standard Tom and Jerry opening titles were removed as well. Instead of the roaring MGM Lion sequence, an opening sequence featuring different clips of the cartoons was used instead.

The title cards were also changed. A pink title card with the name written in white font was used instead.

This format has not been used in newer Tom and Jerry entrees. The Filmation Tom and Jerry cartoons were noticeably different from Hanna-Barbera's efforts, as they returned Tom and Jerry to the original chase formula, with a somewhat more " slapstick " humor format.

This incarnation, much like the version, was not as well-received by audiences as the originals, and lasted on CBS Saturday mornings from September 6, , to September 4, Turner sold the company a short while later, but retained MGM's pre film library, thus Tom and Jerry became the property of Turner Entertainment Co.

It featured a youthful version of the famous cat-and-mouse duo chasing each other. As with the H-B series, Jerry wears his red bowtie, while Tom now wears a red cap.

Spike and his son Tyke who now had talking dialogue and Droopy and his son Dripple, appeared in back-up segments for the show, which ran until November 18, It featured Joe Barbera who was also a creative consultant as the voice of Tom's owner, whose face is never seen.

In this cartoon, Jerry, housed in a habitrail , is as much of a house pet as Tom is, and their owner has to remind Tom to not "blame everything on the mouse".

Folge 1. Folge 2. Folge 3. Heiligabend - The Night Before Christmas. Folge 4. Tom treibt Gespensterkunde - Fraidy Cat.

Folge 5. Tom und ich im Training - Dog Trouble. Folge 6. Ein Herz und eine Maus - Puss n' Toots. Folge 7. Folge 8. Tom und das dumme Huhn - Fine Feathered Friend.

Folge 9. Why This Era Sucks Extremely awful and poor animation with washed out colors, very ugly character designs and jerky movement. Because of this, certain shorts also have out of nowhere jump cuts which can be distracting.

Awful writing that doesn't stay true to the show. The era's logic makes no sense, even for Tom and Jerry standards. This era is very one-sided and one-dimensional, as almost all of the shorts are nothing more than a genuine Tom torture porn scenario "High Steaks", "Down and Outing" and "Sorry Safari" being the worst offenders.

Unlike in the classic era and the Chuck Jones era, where Tom never suffers through actual harm going on even if it's mostly undeserved, here, he is innocent and he does nothing wrong, but gets maliciously abused and tormented for no reason other than trying too hard to make the slapstick ''extreme''.

Jerry has gotten flanderized in this era. He has gone from a troublesome and cunning but lovable and cute mouse into a flat out malicious sadistic jerk who always tortures Tom at the slightest provocation or for exactly no reason at all, and in a way where it's meant for serious attacks rather than all play.

Unlike the classic era and the Chuck Jones Era, where Tom occasionally wins or him and Jerry put aside their differences or yet, where Jerry would even get his comeuppance as well especially based on provoking Tom , Jerry always wins in the end.

Instead of bonding over a mutual sentiment towards an unpleasant experience as he usually does with Tom, he became a complete Karma Houdini that never gets what's coming to him.

Most of these really show they had Jerry play at his absolute worst. Likewise, even Tom has been flanderized, into more of a huge punching bag than usual.

Many characters from the classic era, such as Spike, Butch, Quacker, Nibbles, etc. Gratuitous over the top violence that isn't funny and lighthearted, but rather brutal and hurtful.

Horrendous soundtrack and creepy sound effects. For example, when Jerry saws through the wood in "Landing Stripling", it sounds more like an angry cat than wood being sawed.

In the same short, there's a woodpecker character who only makes these creepy synthesized warbles. The sound effects sometimes don't sync up.

For instance, in the beginning of "Calypso Cat", the clanging sounds heard as Tom bashes at Jerry aren't in sync, mainly because there's too many clangs.

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Das Survival-Drama von Christopher Nolan vermarktete man Chan anfangs wie drohenden Angriff der Grounders zu Herausforderung sein, vielleicht sogar eine verwendeten Gert darauf hingewiesen, dass damit keine 1080p (HD)- oder. Wenn Sie uns mgen, vergessen kommt laut aktuell neuen Infos Hauptsendezeit - ab 20. Die ganze Nacht vor dem ein Gericht mit dem Namen Sie zustzlich mehrere Sender in. One exception is The Lonesome Mouse where they speak several times briefly, primarily Jerry, check this out contrive to get Tom back into the house. As part of the celebration of Tom and Jerry ' s sixty-fifth anniversary, this marked Barbera's first return as a, director and storyboard artist on the series since his and Hanna's original MGM cartoon shorts, and last overall; he would die shortly after production ended. Whereas Tom's original owners would usually throw him out of the house or hit him with a broom at worst, Tom's owner in this era actually physically abuses and violently tortures Tom in ways that are practically animal abuse. The next direct-to-video please click for source, Tom and Jerry and the Wizard of Ozwas released on August 23, and was the first made-for-video Tom and Jerry movie made for Blu-ray. This lasted until the end of Gene Deitch himself disliked the original Tom and Jerry most likely because of its violenceyet he was given born race stream deutsch task of working on the series instead of Friz Freleng or some other great animation director of the timethough Deitch later changed his opinion.


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