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SCTV - Farm Film Celebrity Blow Up: Dustin Hoffman

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Here we go, Scuba. Come on. Salesman 2 and Salesman 3: Got to check. But if you need a window scraper and a gross of toilet paper or a ratchet set of pliers and surround sound amplifiers, and a solar turkey chopper or a padded gopher bopper, and Flannel shirts for looking grungy and some rope for going bungee.

Here we go, Bungee. Jean Claude: voice over So, there they were on the way to the Stuff Mart, when something caught Madame Blueberry's eye.

It was a little girl, sitting to her birthday dinner with her family, but they did not have very much money.

Instead of a nice treehouse, they had to live on the ground. And all they could afford for her birthday dinner with oatmeal and one small piece of apple pie.

Surely they must be very sad to have so little. Madame Blueberry thought. But then, the little girl did something that surprised her very much.

Annie: I thank God for this day, for the sun in the sky, for my mom and my dad, for my piece of apple pie!

For the love that He shares, 'cause he listens to my prayers. Jean Claude: voice over Madame Blueberry was confused.

The little girl had so little and yet she was happy. Madame needed to think about this for a while. Jean Claude: voice over Ah, maybe later.

Right now, it was time to shop. Well, needless to say the Stuff Mart was everything the salesmen had made it out to be.

Why, the spectacle was making her woozy. Jean Claude: voice over This was the most glorious moment that Madame Blueberry had ever known.

There was nothing she saw she could not have. Right away she found flatware just like Monsieur Lagoon's and then a sparkling new set of Franklin Mint spoons.

Then she spotted a crock pot like Madame Lacrosse's then some ceramic jars to hold all her sauces. Not to mention a sofa like Edward and Tammy's and an entire collection of terry cloth jammies.

It was not long before Madame Blueberry had collected everything she had pictures of. She had already filled up a dozen shopping carts but she didn't stop there she kept going.

Salesman 1: Madame, why don't we have these things delivered to your house while you keep shopping? It'll save time. Ten percent off delivery.

Jean Claude: voice over Then she grabbed a window scraper and a gross of toilet paper, then a ratchet set and pliers and surround sound amplifiers.

Pretty soon, the shopping carts Madame filled stretched around the aisles, out the door and all the way to her house.

Madame: Oh, there are whole aisles we haven't even seen yet. I'm not leaving until I have everything I need to be happy.

Junior: Dad, look. It's the train set I saw on TV. The casey junior deluxe with working lights and real live stock smell.

Oh, that's what I really want. Can I get one, Dad? Huh, please? Dad: Is there anything else you'd like? How about a ball?

We could get a ball today. What do you think about that? Junior: Thank you dad for our day, for our trip to the mall, for the time just with me, for my big red bouncy ball!

Jean Claude: voice over Well. Now Madame was even more confused. How could this little boy be so happy after not getting what he really wanted.

And why didn't she feel happy even though she was getting everything she wanted. Jean Claude: voice over It was at this moment that Madame Blueberry had a revolutionary thought.

Salesman 1: Well, of course you don't need a toaster oven. I mean, really, who needs any of this stuff? But I think we both know that you want a toaster oven.

Madame: I want what that little boy with the ball has and what the little girl with the piece of pie has. Jean Claude: voice over Suddenly, it was all becoming clear.

Maybe a happy heart does not come from a store. Maybe the kids were right, maybe a happy heart is a thankful heart.

Madame: I've been so foolish. For so long I have had so much. A roof over my head. Plenty of food. Good friends.

But all I wanted was more, more. No more. There's a new Madame Blueberry in town and she's going to be thankful for what she has.

Bob and Larry are happy when they hear that Madame Blueberry will be thankful for what she has. The butterfly then flies past the trio.

Bob, Larry and Madame Blueberry start to leave StuffMart while following after the butterfly, before looking to see that the treehouse is about to tip over from the weight of all the items inside.

Bob and Madame both jump onto motorized shopping carts, but Larry jumps into a shopping basket instead.

Bob and Madame race out from the store front, while Larry drags the shopping basket at a slow pace. The scene switches to Madame's treehouse still tipping over, until the weight of the air compressor being brought up weighs from the treehouse forward.

Bob and Madame still zoom towards the sight of the treehouse, as Bob looks around. Bob notices a red button on the front of his shopping cart and presses it as it beeps and flashes rapidly, before it instead prints a pizza coupon, much to Bob's dissatisfaction.

Bob and Madame still race towards the treehouse, at the same time that Larry still drags his shopping basket, dragging it past where Annie and her parents live.

Bob and Madame Blueberry arrive in time to see the treehouse still tilted from the weight of all the stuff. The butterfly suddenly flies up to Madame Blueberry's treehouse and lands on the weather vane, which causes the treehouse to tilt backwards towards the water standing behind it, as all of the stuff falls out of the back of the treehouse, along with a StuffMart employee, all of the stuff falling into the water.

The air compressor slides to the back of the treehouse but stops because of a rope tied to it. The rope then starts to break, before it completely breaks, sending the air compressor into the water, and also causing Madame's treehouse to get catapulted off the tree.

Larry still drags the shopping basket with him, when he looks up to see Madame's house flying, as he turns around and goes back the way he came, before the house crash-lands right in front of StuffMart.

Jean Claude: voice over Well, there is no denying. It was a sad, sad thing that Madame Blueberry's house had become a big pile of smashed sticks.

But, with her hard working butlers and her nice new friends. Madame knew everything was going to be just fine.

And most important of all this, once, very blueberry was truly thankful that day, for everything she had and seemed. Although it may have been the late afternoon light.

Not quite, so blue. Madame: How did that song go again? Let's see. We thank God for this day, for the sun in the sky.

Everyone: Because a thankful heart is a happy heart. Qwerty: And so what we have learned applies to our lives today and God has a lot to say in his book.

Qwerty: You see we know that God's word is for everyone and now that our song is done we'll take a look. Larry: Madame Blueberry learned that being greedy makes you grumpy.

But a thankful heart is a happy heart. Larry: That's right, Bob. Just like the little kids. Let's see if Qwerty has a verse for us today.

Bob: It sure did. But even before Madame Blueberry's house got smashed, being greedy made her a very grumpy berry. Larry: Oh, is that right.

Well, I don't want to be a grumpy berry. So, even if I never get to camper or the dirt bike or the jet ski, I'm gonna be thankful for what I do have.

Bob: That's great, Larry. And kids, if you don't want to be grumpy berries, you should try to be thankful for what you have, too. Well, we're out of time for today, remember.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Bob: Okay, Larry, it's time for the theme song. Larry: Uh, yeah, Bob.

What do I do? Bob: Hmm I know. You play the guitar. Larry: Bob, I don't have any hands. Bob: Oh, you're right. Well, okay, you play this.

Larry: I don't want to play that! I'll look silly! Bob: Oh, come on. It'll be fun. Larry: Nope, not going to do it. Bob: It's for the kids.

Larry: Oh. But they better not laugh. Bob: Broccoli, celery, gotta be However, there was a clear and obvious overrepresentation of gender-ambiguous people during Eurovision and I am convinced that lots of them were there BECAUSE they were trans or drag queens and not because of talent.

As stated in countless articles in the past, there is an agenda to expose the masses and especially young people to gender confusion.

And Eurovision did its part. Here are some people who performed during the finale. Israeli transgender singer Dana International performed at the beginning of the finale.

France representative Bilal Hassani was basically dressed as a woman. Drag queen Conchita Wurst winner of Eurovision performed during the finale.

First, many were unhappy that Madonna went to Israel to perform considering the whole Palestinian issue. Second, her singing was horrible.

It was torture. She was easily the worst performer of the night. While these issues were widely discussed in mass media, the most obvious one was ignored: Her performance was a pseudo-satanic, New World Order, occult ritual.

And, as usual, Madonna fully embodied her given role of Grand Priestess of the industry. Before going into the performance, it is also important to note that Madonna is an adept of Kabbalah — Jewish mysticism that is at the root of most schools of Western occultism such as Freemasonry.

Furthermore, the fact that this performance took place in Israel is also relevant to the symbolism that was put on display.

After the chanting of her name, the Grand Priestess appears on top of the stairs, dressed as if she was about to partake in a dark occult ritual.

Then Madonna reveals herself. She wears a crown Grand Priestess and an eyepatch with the letter X on it.

As seen in my article about Madame X, the entire thing is all about Monarch Programming. Madame X constantly wears an eyepatch which is a convenient way of constantly displaying the one-eye sign — proof of submission to the occult elite.

Then Madonna begins singing Like a Prayer , a song about mixing sexual acts with religious devotion. Madonna sings this pseudo-satanic song all the time she performed it at the MET Gala because it is the perfect prelude to a black mass.

Other than the fact that Madonna sings horribly, she also sings with a thick accent that sounds Israeli or maybe Eastern European.

Well, the alter personas of MK slaves can be programmed to have accents. Then Madonna goes down the stairs slowly.

Notice the inverted cross on her robe symbol of satanism. The setting here is extremely symbolic. The combination of stairs going up between pillars is fully Masonic.

Classic Masonic imagery depicting stairs going up between pillars. By going down the stairs, Madonna symbolically lowers herself to the level of the masses.

While doing so, she showcases an inverted cross because that is what they want the masses to believe in. User Reviews. User Ratings.

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